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Applying for a Mortgage – The Basics (a 3 part series)

Part One: What to know & prepare before filling out that mortgage application We’ve all filled out many, many application forms before – for medical purposes, car loans, school admittance, renewing passports, etc. So we’re well aware of the “standard” boxes that need to be filled out like our birth date, names and address. Yes, [...]

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What Makes AR mortgage Group the Best Mortgage Broker in BC?

It can be overwhelming with the amount of hard decisions and choices one has to make when faced with either a new mortgage product or an upcoming renewal. The implications of a good or bad decision can have consequences that can extend beyond the term of the new deal. It is for those reasons that [...]

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Insights for a First Time Mortgage Buyer

Getting your first mortgage is a very memorable experience—and it is sure to teach you a lot of important lessons. But there is no need to wait for your first time mortgage because you can easily learn in advance. One of the most important lessons here is that you should be aware of all the [...]

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How To Source Canada’s Best Mortgage Rates

There are three basic steps that you need to take before financing a mortgage to purchase a home: – Calculate how much you can afford; – Calculate your down payment; – Find the best mortgage rate. These figures can easily be produced through a pre-approval process from a bank, mortgage provider or another type of [...]

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Why Working With An Independent Mortgage Broker Is Better

Are you looking to obtain a mortgage? If so, then consider working with an independent mortgage broker. There are many reasons why working with independent mortgage brokers is better, and you can find out what some of them are because we will discuss them throughout the rest of this article. The primary benefit of working [...]

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Where To Get Fist Time Mortgages For Millennials

If you graduated at the turn of the millennium, roughly the year 2000, you might be looking for your very first home. If you are, there are companies that work directly with millennial’s that will be happy to assist you in getting your very first mortgage. It is sometimes difficult to find a company that [...]

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