It can be overwhelming with the amount of hard decisions and choices one has to make when faced with either a new mortgage product or an upcoming renewal. The implications of a good or bad decision can have consequences that can extend beyond the term of the new deal. It is for those reasons that this blog will point out the main reasons why AR mortgage can be the only answer to your new mortgage needs and will prove themselves as the best mortgage broker in BC.

1.Track Record – There are literally hundreds of companies to choose a top mortgage broker from in BC. Many of these will provide a good product and service to those looking for one of these important financial products. Then again some of them are not very good and will put your home and finances at risk.

How then does one determine who is better than the others? Look at how long the company has been in business and check out their online reviews – Mortgage Broker Chilliwack. It can be very telling to hear from a customer how their experience has been and very few secrets are held back.Google Plus is a very important place to check out reviews and Yelp can be just as helpful.

2.Mortgage Agents – The landscape of the mortgage industry is dominated by the large banks. They have terrific marketing, industry clout but high overhead and profit margins.By going with a AR mortgage agent many of these costs are eliminated and the new applicant will get a much broader choice of offerings with greater flexibility and lower costs. Personalized service with an experienced mortgage agent is guaranteed.

3.Fantastic Rates and Products – Our relationship with our lenders gives us access to more products and rate offerings at the best rates.By being able to look everywhere available for the mortgage best rate gives a huge advantage to those that choose the AR mortgage Group as their new mortgage provider.

4.Exceptional Service – At AR mortgage it’s all about what’s best for the customer. The process of getting a new or renewal mortgage product can be challenging even for those that have experience.Prospective clients can feel overloaded due to the abundance of choice, technical details and industry specific facts. They will appreciate having someone extend a guiding hand through the process. At AR mortgage we are proud that our team members are super friendly and approachable. We pride ourselves to being very accessible with a lot of our agents working after hours to service clients.

When you add all these factors up it makes it very clear that a decision to go with the AR Mortgage Group will lead to high customer satisfaction for those with mortgage needs.

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